Flying As A Private Pilot

Huntington Airport, 3 miles from Mom & Dad's, where I first flew with my cousin Peter.

On February 19, 2005, after about 35 years of putting it off, I began working on getting my private pilot's certificate. It took me 57.6 hours of flying over 98 days, plus something like 96 hours of study time to earn the certificate. The cost for plane and instructor rental, supplies and study materials, headsets and a handheld radio amounted to right around $11,000. Read about flight training here.

After 80 total hours, with 25 passengers (September 7, 2005) , not counting the 9 flight instructors I have flown with, flying has become almost comfortable. All in all, there has been very little fear. Of course there have been a couple moments of anxiety in the process, but I'd have to say that the pressure of being examined surpasses the pressure of flying by about ten-fold.


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Anderson Aviation: Flight Training, Plane Rentals

Big Kahuna Aviation: Flight Training, Plane Rentals   (defunct? 3/2/06)

Eveland Aero: Flight Training, Plane Rentals (Web site not there, 3/5/06)

Flight School Hawaii: Flight Training, Plane Rentals (closed, 2010)

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TropicBird Flight Service: Flight Training/Plane Rentals

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Big Island, Oahu, Kauai:

Mauna Loa Helicopters, Helicopter Training (The only Flight training on Kaua'i)

C150M Flight at Huntington, IN (HHG)A compilation of small videos taken from the cockpit by my brother-in-law with the movie feature of his digital "still" camera. (15 MB MPG) 2 minutes, 35 seconds
Takeoffs and landingsA compilation of takeoffs and landings at Huntington Airport from the airfield, taken with a video camera. (13.4 MB WMV) 5 minutes, 18 seconds
UR My Copilot Four-Part Video on YouTube.

Jason Hill shows how to steer by moving
the DG with his finger.
Various Photos From My Flight Training
Photos Of Airplanes

First Licensed Flight With Miles as the First Passenger

Cessna 150/Balloon Flying in Indiana

Flight To Maui With Sue And Miles

Ami and Claire

Flight To Kauai

Sue & Ed Swafford, Marja Leivo (Figure 8 Around Oahu)

Kualoa Army Airfield (Closed around 1944)
Solo October 2 East, North Oahu

Aloha Stadium
Solo October 9 (First C152 Flight)

Bob at Upolu
Honolulu -> Maui -> Upolu Point, Big Island -> Kahoolawe -> Honolulu With Bob

JRF Terminal from the 4L upwind.
Solo Practice And Around Ka'ena Pt. Oahu

Pearl Harbor NS, Arizona Memorial,
and USS Misouri, 3 days short
of 64 Years after the attack.
Solo Practice And Pix Of Steve LaPorte's First Solo

Flying In Indiana, 12/21/05 (18 degrees F)

Flying In Indiana, 12/27/05

With Guy (Wagner) and his girlfriend Jolien
January 2, 2006

Setting Foot On Moloka'i
January 15, 2006

Flying A Diamond DA40 At KAEG
February 04, 2006

West Mesa Aviation, Double Eagle II Airport, Albuquerque, NM

Glider Instruction At Moriarty, NM (0E0)
February 09, 2006

Sundance Aviation, Moriarty, NM

Flying with Boris
February 19, 2006

(One year to the day after my original demo flight)

Tour With Ron And Sandy Jarvis
March 1, 2006

Short Flight with Gert and Joe
March 18, 2006

Practice With Bob
April 2, 2006

Circum-Lanai May 27, 2006
April 2, 2006

General Aviation Council Hawaii Quasi-Annual Pancake Breakfast
February 20, 2010

Flying and etc at KCEU with Dan Schmiedt
January 29/30, 2011

Fly at Pacific Air Academy!!