Chevy Volt: 5.133 Miles Per Mile



After driving 15.4 miles, the battery range is only 3 miles short of a full charge.


Today was the 4th day¬†driving my 2017 Volt over a mountain range to get to work. I’ve realized something. Although people seem to consider electrics and hybrids “wimpy” or something, and one sees a certain number of conspicuous Priuses (“Priae?”) ¬†and Leafs (“Leaves?”) driving meticulously up the steep side of the Likelike Highway, it isn’t in general because they’re underpowered. It’s because they’re instrumented. Driving any of the electrics or hybrids I’ve been inside, one is face to face with the cost of one’s driving habits. When the dealer gave me Volt last week, someone had turned the climate controls all the way to the coldest setting. It took me a while to correct this, and my climate score is still only recovering.




But today’s big kudo to self is for making judicious use of cruise control on the uphill side and regen-on-demand on the downhill side, to finish my 15.4 mile commute with 50 miles electric range showing on the panel. When I crested the hill, the remaining electric miles was 39, but it got back to 50 by the time I reached the parking garage.

Power Versus Elevation

Of course, what it means in real numbers remains to be seen, but it shows the game that’s afoot. Today was also the first day I collected ODB2 info on the Volt, it’s interesting to see the KW used at different points along my route.

cum watt-hours