Linux Under Airbus 330 Entertainment System

Of course, at this point, it’s kind of my personal leprechaun, the little penguin on the seat back in front of me. I was on a Delta flight, an AirBus 330, a couple of months ago, and my movie (Pirate Radio) gagged in mid-play, after which I was informed by my unit that it needed to reboot.

Unlike the gent in this blog post, my seat-neighbors still had video during this time. So I was sort of stuck there, watching it reboot, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but the Linux Penguin, some boot messages, and then it was gone. For me, there was no question about getting a picture, as I had no time to do anything but a mental gasp and head jerk.

The system righted itself, and I had to re-start my movie and fast forward to the middle somewhere. Never had another issue. I think that Linux simply knew me, and wanted to say “hi”.