Cobblebot, I Unbox You – Part 1

Today, I got the first shipment of parts from Cobblebot.

The contents are:

One Hexagon hot-end with little bits and a couple wrenches

FiveĀ AT KL17H248-15-4A NEMA 17 stepper motors

One YDS12-360 12v 30A switching power supply.


After reading about a couple of folks having power supply damage, I paid particular attention to the PS. Mine has a slightly bent tab on the chassis, hard to say what shock it took. If it tests good, I’ll call it a power supply. Note that you can test a switching PS with a multimeter, but you may have to load it to turn on the output transistors, otherwise there you might measure not-12V output on a perfectly good power supply.

Additional note: the input voltage selection switch on my PS is set to 220V. In order to use it in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, or Japan, it needs to be switched to 110V.

Now we wait for shipment 2…

An unboxing gallery: