Cobblebot, I Unbox You (part 2)

The remainder of Cobblebot came on Friday, right before the 3-day weekend, even though USPS tracking predicted Tuesday after Memorial Day. I did a thorough inventory, comparing to the parts list in the instructions, and found that it is all there, AFAIK, with a few extras not listed in the currently-released build instructions.

On Saturday, I spent time with the electronics, not to build them, but to test them and make a few videos about how they work together. Unfortunately, I’ll need to upload those on Tuesday. I started to upload them from out here at the Lake Cabin, but the Internet connection becomes unusable for other things, and it would take about 12 hours, anyways.

Some unboxing pictures:

IMAG1184-obf IMAG1189 IMAG1190



I did a complete count, there were a few extra nuts and what-not, but nothing missing…